Useful Information about the Synthetic Grass Used in Tennis Courts

It always is amazing how several tennis courts are utterly green. You may have even asked yourself how the grounds people manage to keep the courts so exciting. Well, the solution is the use of synthetic grass which works to ensure the surface is excellent. The grass offers all the required characteristics of the game making it highly utilised. Here is some information you might find useful regarding the synthetic grass used in tennis courts.

Synthetic Grass Characteristics 

Tennis is a sport which involves a lot of activity on the surface. This means that it requires a robust type of grass which can manage all the traffic. The synthetic grass is made to be sturdy and strong, unlike the other kinds. It can withstand all the action on the ground and still offer durability. Once laid, the synthetic grass sets in precisely while overcoming wear and tear.

The artificial grass gives excellent characteristics for tennis. For instance, the grass system comes with a reduced infill of sand which ensures that the game takes place exactly on the turf. Through this, the players will be able to have more grip on the ground reducing sliding and falling capabilities. The grass is comprised of a perfectly knit weave which also allows for the ball to bounce as much as required. With such characteristics, the synthetic grass becomes extremely suitable. It offers a robust, long-lasting and economical solution.

Court Maintenance

Maintenance is quite an important thing to consider when it comes the management of grass, be it on the lawns, fields or even a tennis court. Proper maintenance determines how long and well the grass will serve you. You would not wish to buy premium quality grass just to end up losing it because of poor maintenance.

One of the methods used to take care of the synthetic grass tennis courts is called rejuvenation. This is done on courts with contamination or poor drainage. The process employs high pressured and compressed air to remove the old compromised infill. This is done on surfaces which always have stagnating water issues as well as the growth of algae. The algae grow during the winter period and leave a residue on the court which looks like mud. This leaves a tennis court that is uncomfortable to play on. Maintenance is highly recommended as this ensures you get your field working again with better service from the grass. 

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