Three Steps to Choosing a Replacement Awning for Your Caravan

When you are taking a road trip or tour on your caravan, you need an awning to provide additional floor space when you decide to stop over or camp. Modern caravanning styles have transformed over the years, and awnings have a significant role to play in the change. These versatile fixtures double the living space outside your caravan by creating a partially covered verandah outside the caravan. There is so much you can do with the right caravan awning. That's why it is essential to take the following steps when choosing the best replacement awning to use with your caravan.

Determine your best design

Before going into other features of an awning, it is essential to determine the best type for you. Owing to upgrades in the industry, caravan awnings are available in various designs. There is the conventional design which comprises of a roof and changeable walls. Other modern types include the following:

  • The modular one which can be attached to other awnings to create an even more extensive floor space outside the caravan.
  • The standalone one with a roof and four walls.
  • One with a roof and three walls, which takes the shape of a leaning porch
  • The minimalist awning which is only made up of a tent with no walls.

Think about your preferences and budget when choosing the ideal awning style for your caravan. For instance, a modular design is likely to be more costly than the minimalist one, but it will provide space for a higher number of people.

Choose durable fabric

The durability of the awning is a crucial consideration to have in mind when purchasing the fixture. The last thing you want is to replace it after every few camping trips. Various fabric materials are available, but the most durable ones are heavy polyester and acrylic ones. They are suitable for heavy usage and can last longer than lightweight polyester. However, if you don't use the caravan regularly, you can opt for the inexpensive fabrics.

Ensure compatibility with the caravan

Although an awning is an independent structure, it is essential to make sure that it is compatible with your caravan. First, the dimensions should match. The height of the awning's legs should be the same as the height of the caravan as you cannot have the structure's legs hanging in the air. Also, have the external features of the caravan in mind, that is, the doors, windows, cabling, and others. Make sure that they do not obstruct the installation of the awning.

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